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Top quality cabins with a magnificent view over Nappstraumen and the surrounding mountains.

Welcome to Lofoten Rorbu Lodge

Lofoten Rorbu Lodge has one of the best locations in the area whether you want to go on a fishing trip, hike in the mountains or experience other activities. We offer top quality cabins with a high standard, which presents an magnificent view over Nappstraumen and the surrounding mountains. Easy day tours to nearby mountains can be done for fantastic hiking experiences. The lodge also has a perfect location for a journey along Lofoten to experience the local culture and learn more about the history around the fishing industry that’s been going on for centuries. During most of the year, we can also offer rental service of top quality boats, made for sport fishing. If you don’t feel like going by your own or want to maximize the chances for a good catch, we have professional fishing guides to help you out. Leknes Airport is located between 5-10 minutes away from the camp and with several daily departures, the trips up here is both pleasant and easy. We can arrange a transfer from Leknes Airport to Lofoten Rorbu Lodge if that’s requested.


At the lodge we have 6 large high standard cabins, located in the waterfront of Haugbukta. 5 of these cabin has identical interior with 4 bedrooms and 8 single beds in total. The bedrooms are located on the top floor together with a small bathroom. On the bottom floor, there is a larger bathroom with a shower. We also offer a cabin which is handicap adapted with 3 bedrooms for up to 6 persons. A bedroom with a double bed on the bottom floor and 2 bedrooms on the top floor with single beds. Outside each cabin opens up a large terrace with a magnificent view over the water. All cabins have a modern, fully equipped kitchen, large family room, smart-TV, high-speed WIFI and a ventilation system which gives clean and fresh air in all the rooms.

Rental boats

Experience the fishing in Lofoten! We have a fleet of top class Arronet boats between 23,5-25 ft, equipped with 150-200 HP outboard engines and all necessary marine technology such as chart plotter, echo sounder , VHF radio and radar to optimize both fishing results and safety at the ocean. During February to April , the well-known “Lofotfisket” in on for the large Atlantic cod, also called the “Skrei”. At this time of the year, enormous amounts of cods migrate from the Barents Sea to the coast outside Lofoten to spawn. Here you can experience incredible fishing close to the shore in spectacular scenery. During the summer time and later on during the fall, the fishing is more varied with many different species to catch. Especially the halibut has become very popular among anglers. This fish can grow to over 3 meters long and weigh several hundred kilos. Nappstaumen which is located close to the cabins are well known for its big halibuts and is a popular destination for passionate sport fishermen. Just outside the cabins or within a short boat ride are also many areas with sandy bottoms that holds large numbers of common plaice of very impressive size, a fishing that is as popular for the family trip as it is for the skilled angler.


Fishing trips Rent top quality boats for us or book a guided fishing trip with one of our professional fishing guides. Hiking Here you will find many mountains that can be reached by hiking trails that offer a marvellous view over Nappstraumen and the ocean. Some trails might be a bit challenging, for the more experienced hikes and some are more suitable for the whole family. Northern lights During autumn and winter, you have the chance to witness the northern lights, a spectacular and beautiful phenomenon in the sky. Beaches Around 10 km away from the camp are some of the most beautiful beaches, such as ”Uttakleiv” and ”Hauklandsstranden” located where swimming during the summer is possible. Surfing, a popular activity that most people don’t associate with Lofoten is actually possible in Unstad, around 25 km away from the Lodge. This surf destination is world class and entusiasts travel from all over the world to challenge the waves pushing into Unstad. It’s also a very for tourists that just want to watch these entusiasts surfing north of the Arctic circle. Viking museum A perfect day tour activity where you get the chance to experience the old Vikings with archery, rowing a Viking skip and watch the rebuilt and reset Viking house from back in the day when they lived and ruled this area. Lofoten Aquarium Here you have the possibility to meet the ocean in a different way. A large number of aquariums holds most fish that exist outside Lofoten but also other mammals such as otters, seals etc. A perfect activity for a family with children.

The best cabins I have ever seen in Norway, beautiful scenery and wonderful location. I can strongly recommend them for a family trip!
Karina Green

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